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released November 19, 2016

M - all instruments, artwork, production

Additional co-writing credits for 'Pyrrhic Thrall' and 'Anger Is My Gift' to Connor O'Doherty.



all rights reserved


Of Dust Belfast, UK

Riffs boiled in scathing bitterness.

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Track Name: Dysenteric Crawl
Try to escape
Concrete cage
Blank drained ground
That you own
Altered states
To numb the pain
Morning comes
You’re still the same
Track Name: Debased and Gaunt
I would rip your throat out
If I could be bothered
I’ll make you don a portent mask
To hide your gouged out eyes
Your life is based on lies
Deception, plunder and rape
There’s no place for you
Someone must die

Here you lie before me
The first child to arise
The first of an entire generation
To perish
Track Name: Pyrrhic Thrall
Panic for your life ensues
As you flee to another god
One that you now think is real
But one that still now can’t feel
Panic for your life ensues
As you attempt to fit into this world
One that you now think has room
But one that will become your tomb

Good, as, dead
To me you’re good as dead
Good, as, dead
Right now you’re good as dead

Panic for your life ensues
As you try to dodge ensnaring claws
Ones that seek hold of your life
But ones that brandish sharpened knives
Panic for your life – climax
As now you can’t run away
From my devices of control
You never knew your own.... soul
Track Name: Shovelled Into Dirt
Rat race

Crawling in your own shit
Disease spreads through your lips
Copulating, pumped out spawn
Ravaged, world lies stagnant

True nature now revealed
Crowd of apes through and through
A need for euthanasia
Corpses shovelled into dirt
Track Name: Anger Is My Gift
Anger is my gift
To save me from your deception
Anger is my gift
To shatter all your perceptions
Anger is my gift
And I’ll rise to control again
Anger is my gift
And I’ll fear no threat of pain

Anger is my gift

Anger is my gift
Which I’ll use to push me forward
Anger is my gift
And you’ll know this as my foreword
Anger is my gift
I won’t flee when I can capture
Anger is my gift
And you will be left in rapture

Anger is my gift

It’s mine...
Track Name: Gutter Procession
Grey landscapes filled with waste
And I don’t mean the material kind
Your teachings of philanthropy
Mean nothing in a world full of lies
I'd sooner kill all of you around me
Than be subjected to your bullshit
Day in, day out, dead days run rampant
Joy’s taxed away before I even see it
And all your dreams, hopes and goals
Fuck them, I don’t care, fuck them, I don’t care
What do I think about your life right now?
Fuck you, I don’t care, fuck you, I don’t care
I wish that none of your goals will come true
I wish your life would end in front of you
Fuck everything you’ve ever done, I hate you
I’ll throw a disco at your funeral

Too long have I set aside my thoughts
Too long have I suffered for your pleasure
I’ve watched you all, sick to the core
Your kids, scars on this landscape
And fuck your mindless alcohol reliance
Fuck your systems, fuck this love
Transparent and material
Your world’s fucking dead to me

Death can’t come soon enough
Especially when you’re around me
Your words mean nothing at all
And you’re worth even less
Now I lie unveiled
With only one request
To stay the fuck away from me
Before my pain becomes your problem